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Laura gained her qualification in 2017 after the completion of a BSc (Hons) in Veterinary Physiotherapy at Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell with the NAVP. The NAVP is recognised as one of the first in the industry to develop the direct entry route for veterinary physiotherapy. In order to be a member of NAVP a strong scientific knowledge, clinical practice and continued research must be obtained and upheld.  Working alongside veterinary surgeons, you can be assured that the highest standard of veterinary physiotherapy care is given. Most recently, Laura has obtained her Level 3 Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy.

Laura's passion has always laid within animal welfare and care, this is shown by having extensive knowledge within the equine, canine and feline sector. Having had her own horses, Laura has over 15 years of equine experience, ranging from working with the RDA, riding schools, showing, dressage, along with an array of equine management and BHS qualifications.


Growing up with dogs, Laura has also worked along side dog walkers which enabled her to gain more breed specific knowledge within dynamic and behaviour assessments. Laura has a strong passion in educating owners on common conditions and what to look out for, ensuring that our beloved canine friends are happy and comfy for as long as possible.  

Laura has gained a considerable amount of experience and knowledge in the handle and care of felines. Having two cats herself, Laura worked in a cattery which would have an array of different medical treatments to be administered to the cats. This allowed her to understand the different behaviours that can be portrayed and is aware of how important it is to note different behaviour patterns.

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