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Ensuring the ultimate care for your beloved animals

Elizabeth May

Laura recently visited my 15 year old Border Terrier, Sweeney, to aid in his recovery from a spinal injury. Her skills and knowledge were excellent. She was very sensitive to Sweeney's needs and gradually built up his strength with a selection of exercises. Laura gave me the confidence to continue these exercises in between visits. She was very approachable and I felt I could contact her with any questions or concerns I may have had, knowing she would be prompt in her reply. Sweeney loved her visits. Highly recommendation! He particularly enjoyed the massage sessions! He has made excellent progress, thanks to Laura's input and I would have no hesitation in recommending her work. 

Alicia Casson

Laura has been amazing with our Labrador. Her walking has improved and she's happier and more comfortable than way before her arthritis diagnosis and subsequent operation. She's still young and loves walks and was difficult to see her struggling. Since Laura has been working with her we have been able to take her for long walks and she can have short plays with other dogs, which is great. Laura is patient and kind with her. we are so pleased with her progress. I would recommend Laura to anyone. 

Emma Burgess

We first met Laura in October 2019 when one of our cats required physio after being hit by a car. From the moment I first contacted Laura she was professional and was able to put me at ease with any questions I had. Upon meeting smudge it was clear she was the right professional to be able to make sure Smudge received the best treatment as part of her rehabilitation. I cant recommend paddock and paws enough. Myself and smudge will miss our physio sessions now her treatment has come to an end. Thank you Laura so much for everything you did for Smudge.

Karen Hardy

Laura has been treating our springer spaniel Millie, she is recovering from double back leg cruciate surgery, Laura is very knowledgeable and has helped me with the exercises I have to do with her, she is a real animal lover and Millie loves her too and Millie can be a bit obstinate when Laura is working with her, she is very kind to her, would recommend her to everyone

Michelle Baum

Laura came and saw Tegen our dog who has been subject to a serious RTA and who has had a couple of operations and been on crate rest for almost 6 months. She has helped with massage and exercises and taken a lot of the stress out of the situation for us and we are very grateful.

Jo Martindale

Laura is brilliant. Lovely with my horse, very knowledgeable and very thorough. Highly recommended.

Hannah Mills

Laura has been treating our 7 year old staffy, who suffered a spinal injury, possible FCE, she is always patient and treats Jade which ever way Jade prefers!Jade isn't one for sitting still for too long. The improvements in Jade is amazing! Always gives us lots of advice and ways to we can help at home. I could not recommend Laura enough! Very reasonably priced too! Even Jade loves her fortnightly massages!

Cody Stevens

Laura started treating Pippin in 2017 after she took a fall on the yard. Pippin was four at the time and could be difficult to handle however, Laura really took the time to get to know Pippin and made physio a comfortable and relaxing experience, often relaxing her so much, she would fall asleep!

Six month ago Pippin unfortunately had another fall and damaged her sacroiliac. After being examined by the vet, he recommended intense physio. Laura took the time to visit Pippin twice a week for the first couple of weeks. The first time Laura examined Pippin after this fall, she was very lame and was unable to step through behind when turning tight circles, and failed to track up in trot or canter. Neither myself, my vet or Laura were sure if Pippin would come completely sound again, but on top of Laura’s weekly visits, she would leave me with an exercise timetable to complete to build Pippin’s muscle up behind. Laura also showed me how to stretch Pippin correctly which I would complete after any exercise was carried out. I was also advised by Laura to purchased a massage glove to use in between appointments which helped with her recovery massively.

After three months the improvement we saw in Pippin was amazing. Pippin started tracking up and moving much more comfortably in trot and was able to turn tiny circles without showing any signs of discomfort.

Laura would always take the time to call or text after any vet visit and would often catch up with my vet to discuss a plan of action next. I also received regular reports from Laura with all Pippins physio notes written up. This is a few examples of the high level of care and service you receive when using Paddock and Paws.

Laura, without your constant dedication, high level of knowledge and genuine care for my horse, Pippin would still be experiencing a high level of discomfort and most likely, still be out of work. I cannot thank you enough and would have no doubts in recommending you to anyone!

Amy Bielby

Laura came to see my mare last weekend and I was so pleased with her, she was so professional and very knowledgeable. She really took her time to look her over and work on her thoroughly. She is a lovely girl and very easy to get on with, my mare very much enjoyed her massage and we can’t wait to have her back! I would highly recommend her!

Maddy Eardley

Hello, I called Laura out to see if she could help with my mare. She's always been a bit tense and bunched up whilst being ridden. Laura spoke through what could have caused this and has given us things to practise on, on the ground and under saddle until our next appointment. I can already feel a big difference in her way of going. Thanks Laura and see you soon.

Char Sparks

I have a nervous mare and Laura has been nothing but patient with her! Highly recommended.

Megan Knight Curtis

Laura displays nothing but professionalism and knowledge throughout her practise. Definitely knows what she’s on about and highly recommend to anyone having issues with their ponies/horses!

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